Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Fall River (twice)

Click Here to Bid (6x12in. - starts at $1)

Click Here to Bid (6x12in. - starts at $1)

I'm doing a cheap two-fer today and I'll tell you why. This the same scene done twice. The top one was painted on location, with the sun shining bright. The bottom one was from a photo taken when there was a cloud blocking the sun, painted back in my studio, with a different crop and no bridge. There are a good number of paintings from this trip I deemed not worth showing. I was on the fence with these two. And when I'm not sure I start the bidding low.

Fall River is pretty cool because the whole thing comes right out of the ground. We didn't get far enough upriver to see that, but I hear it's pretty awesome. This was near our second stop - south of Bend. We camped at McKay Crossing for 3 days, which was lovely.


Louisette said...

Lovely lanscape painting, greeting from Belgium

Karen Werner said...

I love them both, but the bottom is my favorite because of the amount of sky reflected, and the lovely clean color against that neutral. It is so fun to follow your adventures in plein air. You can paint anything. Period.