Monday, June 08, 2020

2 More Gouachies

Click Here to Bid (TOP - 3x5in, BOTTOM - 4x3in - both gouache - bidding starts at $25/ea)

The top is another scene from the Sierra Nevadas. When I'm up there painting from life I tend to shy away from "magic hour" scenes because they change SO fast! Literally you have about 15 minutes before you've got to take your easel back down again. Ugh. So I take pictures instead, and every once in a while my camera actually captures what I saw. There was a snow bank behind me, melting into these little streams, that eventually ran into the lake, which you can just barely see here over to the right.

The bottom is a peony from my backyard. They were planted by previous owners of this house, and I was very grateful when I realized what they were. They put out buds weeks ago and I have been waiting very patiently (not) for them to open. I will post my oil versions soon.

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