Saturday, February 01, 2020

Stage Fright

Click Here to Bid (10x10in. - starts at $1)

Ok, this is it - the very last painting left in my studio (that isn't either packed or sold). I had it listed for a fixed price, but I'm now pricing it to move! Starting at $1.

We have made so much progress on the house, getting it ready to sell. When we moved in 8 years ago it was a total fixer upper. We did a lot of work in the beginning, stuff that had to be done or else. And then we ran out of steam. So for the past few months we've been finishing up projects, some small and some really huge (like a new kitchen!), doing most of the work ourselves. AND packing. AND trying to live in a house that is constantly being shuffled around to make room for new projects. At this point we have 6 weeks left, so it's crunch time. You may not hear from me again until we are settled in Missoula. Wish us luck! : )

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