Thursday, January 23, 2020

Alley Market

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I'm pretty sure this is the last unposted painting to be found in my studio. It's a scene from France from I think possibly the cutest market in the world. This little alley especially caught my attention. I took pictures from all angles, with all manner of people strolling through, and may well paint it again in the future. I just couldn't get over this little spot with all these tall, colorful buildings coming together. And the light! That tiny shaft coming down on the wares. Oh, it was so fun to paint!

I haven't been painting at all lately because of all the work on the house (my neck is feeling better!!), but I think it's ok. After this enforced break of getting the house ready to sell and moving to Montana, I will be fresh as a daisy in the painting department, and full of vim and vigor. I already have tons of ideas bubbling up naturally while I'm doing and thinking of other things (which is my favorite way to get ideas), and I'm writing them all down so I have them ready to go later. I didn't think I particularly needed a break, but I'm appreciating it.

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