Thursday, October 27, 2016

Across the Pond

sold. (6x12in.)

I painted this on a recent trip to Colorado.  My friend Penny and I had driven out to her friend's farm, and found this lovely pond at the back of the property. I had just learned about galkyd, and so experimented with this painting. I love galkyd! I actually painted the house and yellow bushes first, just to make sure I got those in before the light changed, but then I painted in the trees. And then all the pond stuff. So by the time I put in the distant mountains and sky, the paint on the trees was tacky enough not to make mud where they touched. This is a solution to a problem I've had forever with landscape painting!!

Also, here are all my kids (and me, and 2 of our illustrious hosts) from my San Antonio, Texas workshop last week. You guys were awesome!!


Debbie Meyer said...

Very nice my friend, love the whole thing,layout and such!!
Oh yes, we were good kids at the workshop for sure!! Your were pooped!! I was pooped was a fun experience, and would do again in a heartbeat. ..the Whistlestop Corner was a fab venue also. ;~} ☆☆♡♡

JanettMarie said...

Wow, no wonder you were spent, that was a big class!
Nice work!

Carol Marine said...

Thanks, Debbie!!! It was great for me too! : )

Sarah White-Harvey said...

Carol, Thank you so much! It was a fantastic workshop! I would love to paint with you again. Whistlestop Corner was great, thanks to Susan and Uhur!