Tuesday, June 07, 2016

People Watching

sold. (6x12in. - please click image to enlarge)

I took the reference photo for this a couple of years ago in a very popular park in San Francisco. People were out enjoying the sun, dressed in their hipster bests, seeing and being seen. I was on the fringes, seeing them too.

Soon we will be heading out for another big family trip. We are loading up the jeep and teardrop camper today, and plan to head in general for the wilds of Montana and Wyoming tomorrow. Our time-line is indeterminate, so I don't know exactly when we'll be back - probably early July.* I'm not bringing my oil paints this time - just a brand new, as yet unused guache set, and my camera. We'll see what happens with that... So, until I see you again, happy summer!

*I won't be able to ship paintings while I'm gone (sorry!!), but my stepdaughter will be shipping books for me. Thank you for your patience!


Marilyn Flanegan said...

Cool composition - reminds me of Blues on the Green here in Austin.
Montana is heavenly. Enjoy your family adventure Carol!

Shirley Peters said...

Love your camper! Hope you have a great trip. (We have a motorhome: a mobile studio I like to call it. best paintings are done away from home!)

Unknown said...

Love the painting. Different composition .. Looking up to the hill the camera and the people. Great perspective.

Will miss your oil painting posts but looking forward to the gauche magic!

Steven said...

Hi Carol

I enjoy you tutorials and have purchased all of them. I am pretty good at drawing and value study by rubbing burnt umber off of a canvas. I get a form out with little effort as though no thinking is needed. But as soon as I put on colors I lose the form. I know colors have their own values but a lot of times they change in subtle way. Also, there are so much one sees in a scene in even a simple object such as a pepper. I guess squint helps but what should go through our head when squint? I need to abstract away the details and bring out a form. Would you do video to address the issue of bringing out a form with colors? From simple to complex form. Strategy or order of your sequence etc. what to be careful of, such as mixing paint on canvas or too much medium on brush etc. I will be the first to buy.

Connie Nobbe said...

Sounds like fun! What brand of gouache are you going to be playing with?

Barbara Pask said...

Great painting! Have a wonderful time on your camping trip, cute camper. We just bought a new camper, had it out a few times.

Unknown said...

You take the reference photo for this a picture looking real and wonderful painting.