Saturday, June 25, 2016

Light for Cups

sold. (6x6in.)

I have 2 things to report. First, I have new ARTBYTE to announce! It's all about painting white and includes lots of information about how to mix white, mapping out values successfully, exaggerating color so it works, etc. This lesson includes a full demonstration (with voice-over) of the painting above, and applies to any level, oil, acrylic and guache. It's called "What Color IS White?".

Second, we're home! My family very much enjoyed driving through/camping in Montana and Wyoming. We got to see Glacier, the Bighorns, Yellowstone and the Tetons, among other beautiful things. We didn't see any grizzlies or other bears, but we did see a moose and its baby (luckily, from the safety of the Jeep).

I didn't end up painting at all, which was probably for the best. I spent tons of quality time with my family instead. I posted just a few pictures on Instagram, in case you're interested.


Lisa Daria said...

Welcome home - great painting today and the previous painting you posted too - those reflective lights/whites are really stunning. I popped over to your Instagram photos and was delighted by the image of your dog in a carrier - I didn't know you could do that - I'm hoping my dog doesn't get any ideas!

Steven said...

This byte is the one I been waiting for. I am started to get a handle of squinting refocus and merge details in mass. I was wondering if you squint both at you subject and you painting and this art byte answered it. You do on both which make sense to me since my brain holds the relative values and they should math on both my painting and on subject. I also think it is critical that you have your demo at normal speed because I subconsciously wanted to match your speed of you other demos. I still have trouble with brush strokes to build form. Now that your latest demo was in normal speed, I think I can advance a bit more on building forms in relation to brush strokes. But I would very much appreciate another byte on brush strokes demo and philosophy on building a few types of forms. Thanks again for the teaching.