Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Old Taos

sold. (8x8in.)

When I first arrived in Taos (omg, was this trip weeks ago already?!) I was a bit daunted by the bare trees. I hadn't painted many of them before, so I was unclear how to go about it. And were they even pretty, I asked myself? But then I started to groove on their branches and subtle gray lights and darks. I loved using them as close-up compositional elements, like a frame for this old Taos abode.

BTW, my spell-check says compositional is not a word. Am I crazy??


Sharon Lynn Williams Fine Art said...

I think you did a good job on those branches -I find them very hard also. One thing I discovered was that when I painted them and then rubbed them off (because I thought I had done a bad job) it really looked better! Who knew? And I agree, compositional is a word!!

Not Quite a Painting a Day said...

compositional ... spell check is NOT always correct, nor is it fully comprehensive. Even if it was not a word ... it is now. Language will grow; but having said that, compositional is a word, and I have seen it many times before in my readings on art.

lata said...

Hi Carol, Nice painting. You saw beauty even in bare trees. It's amazing.!:)