Thursday, March 24, 2016

Red Rock in Shadow

sold. (8x10in.)

This is from Valley of Fire, in Nevada, which is the only place I got to paint on our big family trip I posted about last time. It was here we had THE BEST CAMPSITE EVER! And it was great because it was right in the middle of these very cool rocks. So all I had to do was roll out of the camper in the morning, walk about 50 yards, set up, and paint. This was about halfway through our trip, so the boys were ready for some downtime (no hiking).


Caroline Greene said...

Wow! Stunning. Love the simple composition and blocks of colour - land, rocks, sky - to be able to share the beauty of the natural world in paint on a two dimensional surface is the wonder and the mystery! Without wishing to sound pretentious!! It's hard not to go over the top when you paint like this, so it's your own fault, Carol.

Lata said...

Hi Carol, your paintings are beautiful. I stumbled on your blog while looking for inspiration to paint.! I am not an artist but have creative inclination and dabble in drawing my laptop. I appreciate if you could view my blog and give comments and how i can improvise my paintings. My blog Thank you. lata