Monday, January 04, 2016

Standing in the Shade

sold. (8x10in.)

Happy 2016! I have lots to report. First of all I just spent a wonderful week in Canada with my family, on vacation. We spent a few days in Vancouver (what a beautiful city!) and a couple in Gibsons, a ferry ride away. We went snowshoeing for the first time! At sunset, which was spectacular. And spent New Years Eve at a bonfire/barn dance, Canadian style. Eh? Loads of fun!

Also to report, we have decided to pull our son from his current school and spend some time home schooling. How long will depend on how it goes, but it will change things for me, obviously. I will be painting less. But also we've decided to take advantage of the fact that we're self-employed and travel! We will wait until the weather warms up a bit to take our first trip, but hopefully this will mean more regular plein air for me, in between lessons.

My friend Abby Ryan is giving another INNERnet course starting on Wednesday. So if you are looking to "unplug," check it out, and use this coupon code for 20% off: "carols-blog-follower".

Meanwhile, this painting is from a park in California I visited in 2015.


Stephanie Berry said...

Sounds like you really are taking advantage of seeing the sites of the NW. We homeschooled our 2 kids up to 8th grade and they've done great. It takes way less time than one would think. You may find you still paint nearly as much as now. Good luck!

Judy Heyer said...

How nice to know you were in my part of the world -Gibsons on the beautiful Sunshine Coast! So many lovely things to paint out here...I never tire of the landscape. I hope you had a chance to walk through some of our parks...and if not, I hope you visit us in the spring/summer/fall. There's so much to see and to paint.

Judy Heyer

Rakesh said...

Sounds like you really are taking advantage of seeing the sites

Caroline Greene said...

I love the way the dark shadow in the foreground leads the eye in and changes the light. All good wishes for the home schooling - more family time together and a different kind of learning for you all, I'm sure.

ourthreesons said...

So glad you enjoyed my part of the world! We had some wonderful, clear and cold weather for your visit which in my opinion is perfect! I've really been enjoying your blog since I started following a while back and have recently gotten back into studying your Daily Painting book as I prepare myself for a weekend art workshop in March. Thanks for such great inspiration!