Sunday, October 11, 2015

Happy Flowers

Click Here to Bid (5x7in.)

Please forgive me for the delay - my husband and I abandoned the children and escaped to the mountains for a little weekend camping. Don't worry, the kids are still alive and well.

This was a tough one because although the flowers were just about perfect and needed very little editing, the background was a mess. First I tried painting it just like the photo, but the background was too distracting. After trying lots of things, I ended up graying and darkening the background roses (because they were taking too much attention away from the two main ones), and simply painting and repainting the rest of the background until it worked. I admit this is an instinct kind of thing. I wish I could explain it better. But I really like the result - it's both abstract and not, which is fun!


joshua marson said...

nice painting, greetings from

Caroline Greene said...

I like the variety of edges, keeps it interesting.

Lisa Daria said...

Carol, this painting made my inbox glow this morning, I just had to pop over and tell you!