Friday, March 20, 2015

Daffy Dils

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When I found these guys at the store, they were all closed up. I thought the colors were so cool - I intended to paint them that way. But I didn't make it in time because I painted the alien flowers (from yesterday) first. I wonder if there's a trick to keeping them closed like they were at the store? Not that I don't like them open too.


Anne Wood said...

I like it Carol, they look happy to stand in line for you. Have you tried the fridge to keep them from opening? I think growers who exhibit at flower shows keep them in the dark and cool. Anne

Caroline said...

Keep flowers chilled to delay them opening - the warmth of your house opens the buds.

Pilgrim said...

Putting them in warm water hastens opening. Put them in the refrigerator to slow or stop opening.

Dan Johnson said...

Open or closed they look great!

I've just started daily painting after reading your book, and I'm feeling very inspired! 5 finished paintings this week, which is more than I've ever done before.


Jane Huyer said...

you can store them in the frig to keep them closed for a while.

Joanne S said...

They will stay closed in a very cold space--like the coolers at florist shops. Also very shallow water.
Tulips do best with little water and cool nights--the garage???

Mary Pargas said...

A bold and welcome touch of spring. Yes! They'll survive closed in a cool spot until they're put in water to open.

José Antonio Sánchez Rumí said...

Hi Carol; I like your works, the synthesis and the colorful, as well that you are.
Best regards.