Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sea Slice 1


During my recent trip to Ventura, CA, I took a few pictures of the ocean, intending to paint them. I had seen some really simple paintings of beaches, years ago, in a gallery, somewhere ... with just a few horizontal stripes to describe the water. That is what I had in mind for this, but in the end it just didn't work for me without the details. So there you go.

Tomorrow morning, at 9am PST, I will again be co-hosting the AHA (Artists Helping Artists) show. This one is about using photographs for paintings (how/where to take them, what to look for, how to edit them, etc.). The show is recorded, so if you can't listen tomorrow, you can always hear it later.

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Unknown said...

Your paintings are AMAZING! I am buying your Paint a day book. I read your introduction in your book on Amazon. It's like your were talking about me. I too have feelings of fear about my paintings. I am going to try the painting a day method you presented. You were so honest and real in your introduction, it resonated with me. If it worked for you it can work for me. Thank you so much for inspiring me to attempt painting again. thank you so much.
Jade Michele Griffin