Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Fall Colors" & "Bartender's Beetle" - SOLD

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This is the first of my paintings from my trip to Lost Maples last week. We tried to get there when the leaves were peaking with color, but we missed it by a few days. Apparently the conditions (dry & windy) blew most of the leaves away early. We still saw some color but it was tough to find.

Below is the REAL final painting from my recent trip to Arizona with James Coulter (see his blog for his paintings from this trip). It's a nocturne from Jerome and I sold it on the spot, to the owner of the beetle, Jennifer, the bartender from the Spirit Room. She came out and said "it's so cute - it's my car!!" Thanks for the photo, Jennifer!



Linda Popple said...

Both paintings are amazing! I especially like the "Beetle." My husband and I had one a very looong time ago, but it was red. Lots of memories - good times!

Ann Osgood said...

I love this one...nice sparkles even in the dark. I am taking a class from James right now and keep hearing about your painting trip. It is fun to see the results.

Steve PP said...

Good job on the nocturne, Carol!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

wicked! Beautiful light. The front of the car is especially well done. Great depth.

The Rose said...

I love fall colors!! It is so beautiful. I wish I could just be there, where the picture was painted. I love the colors that you used in that painting. Even though I am not one for orange I still love the feeling that was put into the painting.

Unknown said...

I am so in love with this painting. Thank you again Carol!! A very special piece of art all around!

- Jennifer (the beetle owner)