Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Visiting Day" - SOLD

Tomorrow I am off again for a painting trip in Arizona. My buddy James and I are going to visit an old airplane graveyard! I am very excited about that. And when we get tired of that, who knows. I won't have my computer but my husband will ship paintings for me, and I am going to prepost tonight for maybe every other day since I am ahead with my paintings. See ya'll in a week!


Dreama said...

Well--it's time once again to say how much I love seeing your work, what you are inspired by of late--instead of just a late night thrill when I open your latest post without taking the time to write..:)) You just keeping reaching higher and farther in your work and it is a joy to see!

Cynthia Schelzig said...

This is stunning!!! Oh, I cannot wait to see the airplanes you paint for us!!! That is a great place fulllllll of old "junk" will love it!

Unknown said...

Saw you in Jerome on your Arizona painting trip just after you painted a pic of my beetle in front of work. I love it and have a pic if you like :)
thank you again,
Jen Epp.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

How many ways can I say that your paintings are FANTASTIC?
Does it get repetative? Boring?
Every painting is as fresh as the one before.
Beautiful edges and depth.