Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"I See Me"

It's a mosaic apple and it's mosaic reflection. Dude.


Dodo Kresse said...

Love your work! your book lies on my table in my atelier, gives inspiration and harmony every day,
thank you so much,
greetings from vienna

Unknown said...

I very much like all your paintings and your style. This one is n o exception. I think I'll be investing in your book...

Keep it up!

Lisa Daria said...

oh, it's beautiful, that's my favorite green -the reflection is so good too -

Meg Temple said...

I love this! I have been painting as much as possible since I took your workshop in Westford last year and strive to reach your level of mastery for capturing the perfect color/tone/highlight in just one stroke. I've got a long way to go. This painting is such a perfect example of that.

Really really great.