Friday, October 09, 2009

"Quarantine" - SOLD

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The garlic came down with a pink disease and the peppers decided it would be best to separate it for a while. But the real story is that the peppers were having a secret affair and didn't want the garlic to find out.


Denise Rose said...

Okay, I laughed out loud at that! You are not only a fabulous painter, but also have a great sense of humor!

Jack Riddle said...

Carol--just to let you know I'm back after an absence of several months. I enjoyed seeing some of your larger work in Frank Gardner's studio when I was last in san Miguel. Hope it works for you. I enjoy your work and blogs and will visit often.

Carol Jessen said...

I follow your blog almost daily and love it! And this commentary is the best! I'm still laughing!
great work! Carol Jessen

PAT MEYER -- said...

Pink is beautiful. It is just supporting breast cancer awareness month. I always study how you put in the color. Warms against cool an eye catcher.