Sunday, October 04, 2009

"Jack Junior" - SOLD

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I can understand the pumpkins being out already. I can. But Christmas decorations? Crazy!


Karen Hargett said...

I saw pumpkins in the grocery store yesterday and wondered if you'd be painting them soon. cool.

Dean Grey said...


Aww, how cute! He takes after his parents, I guess.


Cynthia said...

true.....for some reason pumpkins and santa just don´t seem to cut it for me....but your pumpkins look great!

Denise Rose said...

Love the pumpkins! And yes, we have Christmas decorations out here already too. It's too fast!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Love the pumpkins and yes even here in Bonnie Scotland the Christmas cards are appearing on the supermarket shelves...bah humbug lol