Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Salt Piper" - SOLD

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Today was a great first day of my workshop here in Salado, TX. I'm still a bit jet-lagged, but surviving. This is not my demo piece, but I will post that later as I was pretty happy with it - especially considering I hadn't done a still life in about 3 weeks. This painting above I did before I left for Germany - you'll see one more, and then a few more landscapes from Germany.


Virginia Floyd said...

I love the colors, Carol--the aqua with the red. Nice rendition of the shaker. Simple lines that suggest the shape, but a really big result.
Wish I could be in this workshop.

Virginia Floyd

Shelley Ross said...

It is so nice to see all your Germany paintings together. As a group, they give me the sense of the trip! I really enjoyed hearing about your challenges with plein air and again seeing the resulting work altogether. Great!


Heidi Malott said...

I love this Carol. Have a fun workshop!

Dayna Talbot said...

Hi Carol...Love the composition...and colors! Those German paintings are great!