Monday, September 28, 2009

"Foggy Cows," - SOLD, 10-minute studies & workshop lessons

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I have a few more paintings from Germany that I didn't get a chance to post. For the above I staggered out into the fog and drizzle to paint some German cows. The problem with cows, as I soon found out, is they move. Quite a bit actually.

Below are some of the 10 minute studies from my students that I mentioned in yesterday's post. They were kind enough to email them to me. Thank you!

Speaking of students, one of mine from Canada who studied with me last month in Benalto, Sharon Williams, has a blog. She is a teacher herself and wrote about 16 lessons on her blog that entail her take on my workshop. It's an interesting read, and interspersed with her lovely paintings. Be sure to scroll all the way to #1!


Bobbi Heath said...

The foggy cows (and the foggy trees and the foggy grass) are wonderful! This might be my favorite of your Germany paintings. I have enjoyed them all.

The paint 10 paintings quickly is a great exercise. I did a foursome last week, but ten is even better. I hope you keep it in the workshop so we can do it next year!

David Westerfield said...

I discovered that problem with cows too last week. Not something you usually notice when driving by a farm.

lilly piri said...

This is such a great painting! I love landscapes with cows.

Sally Dean said...

These are so cool all together!
What a great idea. I suddenly I have an urge for fruit salad. The foggy cows are great-I loke how the subtle tones get warme as they get closer. Good for you for braving the drizzle.
Lucky thing oil and water don't mix!

Rene said...

I wish I could fly to America and join your workshops, Carol. Have you ever thought about an ebook with instructions and step-by-step photos for your fans outside of the US?