Monday, August 17, 2009

"Cherry River" - SOLD

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Whenever I get back from a trip, even if I painted on that trip, getting back into the swing of the studio is always difficult. This is my first painting since getting back. It took me about 3 hours to paint - 2 of those hours included lots of pacing and rearranging of fruit and wiping paint. It always happens, and it always makes me feel bad ... you'd think I'd expect it by now and be easier on myself.


Karen Rike said...

Welcome back. I know your students had a great time with you in Canada.

It is good to hear that even you struggle with some of your paintings. Today, I thought about painting a colander full of beautiful cherries.... but I ate them. Maybe tomorrow I will buy more and paint them.

John Kelley said...

Hey Carol - I appreciate the honesty. Your experience pretty well sums up every Monday morning following a day off. I always spend half the day trying to regain the flow. If you ever get that "lull" figured out please let me know.


Carolina said...

Hi Carol!
I liked your tiara photo a lot, you look so happy :)
I also liked your eggs series, and today's painting as well. I'm into fabrics lately, so this one caught my attention immediately...
Best regards,

Unknown said...

Thanks for the honesty! Travel can really wear you down, especially at the airports. At least, you 'know what will happen in the studio' ahead of time, which probably helps you get over it quicker. But no, it is never easy. We're all pretty hard on ourselves. However, you are amazing and will right back on it by tomorrow I bet.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

What IS that?
Painting is one of the most enigmatic skills. No matter how many good paintings one has done, the occasion inevitably and relentlessly arises where you just can't succeed even if one has (as you have) done hundreds of successful paintings.
Take a rest girl, you deserve it and you paint beautifully.

Carol Josefiak said...

Your paintings are an inspiration to me. Thank you