Friday, August 14, 2009

"Blue Egg" - SOLD

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I found these fabulous blue eggs at the farmers market before I left town. Cool shells, huh?

Today was the last day of my Canada workshop. I had yet another wonderful group of kids (see below) and one special addition, our mascot Sandy (the small, hairy, cute one)! It rained the last couple of days, which meant no more landscapes, but I really enjoyed the cool weather.


myra anderson said...

I never thought I would crack an egg on a plate and paint it until I saw your wonder painting. Love this one too! Time to crack another egg! Thanks for the inspiration!

Kim Rempel said...

I've signed up for Jacksonville - woo-hoo!! Judging by your schedule I thought it would be faster than getting you back to Canada again : ) I can't wait to learn from you!
p.s. LOVE your eggs!

Unknown said...

The small, hairy cute one is adorable and the rest of you don't look so bad either! Have lots more fun and thanks for sharing.

Jason Kornmeyer said...

I want to say your paintings are awesome!! How long have you been producing a painting a day? Very inspirational!

I also thought you would want to know that your demo video displays an error when you click play.

Michael Dooney said...

One thing that strikes me every time you post workshop photos is the fact that the class seems to be almost exclusively women. I think that most workshops lean toward more women than men, but yours seem to tip the scales even further. It's a mystery ;)

Elenka said...

sooo realistic for such a loose style! I love it!!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

the egg paintings are WONDERFUL.

When I first started my blog, and posted a lovely painting of egg yolks in a dish with which I was quite pleased, my dear Auntie wrote me an email asking, "why would anyone want to look at a plate of raw eggs?"
I was quite perturbed that she wasn't getting it :)
Also, my step daughter raises chickens and she says that there is a type that lays colored eggs Who knew?
Auntie keeps her comments closer to her vest now ;)

Susan Carlin said...

Ooh, I really like this color combination, and the range of values. Sounds like another good workshop and a happy group of artists. You're such an excellent teacher, Carol.

Diane said...

great.... love the other egg painting also .... your work keeps getting better and better