Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Tipsy" & "One Cut Up" - SOLD

My good friend (and fabulous artist) Laurel Daniel kept me up WAY past my bedtime last night with no time left to post, hence two today. We were supposed to paint the sunset but ended up chatting for hours and hours instead. We both swore we'll actually paint next time. : )


Today I am off to a mom/stepmom meeting in Austin so I thought I'd post early. The auction's for each of the above posts will start tonight, so don't click on the links until after 8pm PST.


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I LOVE Laurel & her work! Lucky her, lucky you! Paint next time - it's fine! Glad you got in some good 'girlfriend' time - it's very necessary!

How'd you get those apples to stack?

Leslie Saeta said...

Good for you. We can all wait while you have fun!

Laurel Daniel said...

We did have SUCH FUN and I wouldn't give back one minute of that chatting time! So good for the soul! :) XOXOXO

geraldo roberto da silva said...

Very expressive!