Thursday, July 30, 2009

"A Cup'a Tomatoes" - SOLD

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Someone asked recently what colors I mix to make shadow colors on a tomato. Basically I use cadmium red medium and mix, usually, ultramarine blue or alizarin crimson (depending on how dark you want to go). I have not yet met a shadow that isn't "grey". My definition of grey is anything with all 3 primaries: red, blue & yellow. Because cad red has some yellow in it (it is an orangey red), mixing it with blue gives you a "grey" red, and also a darker one because blue is inherantly dark. Got it? : )


Unknown said...

Wonderful jug.I feel much better since you´ve abandoned your colorists experiments.(It´s joke)

suzé said...

lol, I finally "got" it although it took me awhile in your class. I was taught to always use a complementary but you're right, shadows really are are a very patient teacher:)

Anonymous said...

Carol, you're the only person I know that actually can pull off the "mix no more than two (out of the tube) colors - three at the most" rule!

Gorgeous tomatoes~

Elfi Bonn said...

Absolutely stunning -- love it!

Double "D" said...

I think all of your paintings are
terrific. The chiseled brush strokes
and use of color along with great
compositions make for great paintings.

I do have one question, do you ever
get tired of fruits and vegetables?

mike rooney studios said...

i know you love to wrap your brushes... i came up with an inventive wrap that helps keep the chiseled edges on my brights forever it seems. check it out on my blog i think you'll like it!

Becky Drees said...

Your greys and hightlights are perfect as usual! Love it!