Sunday, June 14, 2009

"Most Popular" - SOLD

There were lots of tiny highlights on these lemons with the light at this angle (from behind) and I had to choose how much to put in and how much to leave out. I ended up suggesting them a bit, but mostly leaving them out. I think when you are painting from life there is an overwhelming amount of information. We tend to get sucked into the details and miss the big picture. The hard part is deciding what to keep and what to "miss".


Bobbi Heath said...

Really nice! I love the composition and the underpainting showing through. I will try to remember the big picture advice.

JanettMarie said...

You are so right! That "sucked into" details applies to more than painting...

Debbie said...

I love he comments you make about painting as much as I love the art you create. It is all very interesting. I would suspect that everyone has a different "visual" of their subject? Do we all look at things a bit differently maybe? Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

I always love the radiance of your fruit... These lemons glow. And of course your shadows and layout and technique are beautiful. I've been inspired by your work for some time (because of your beautiful work but also because you have a son a year older than mine and manage to make the time). Thank you for all the advice!

Unknown said...

The Regatta is Sailing Again

The lemon fleet
has set sail,
again, and on
this gray day,
of overcast play,
may this fleet
sail away,
sail asay,
and, yes,
sale away,
to a new home.

Bruce, wink, wink.