Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Purple Starfloozie"


I'm posting this really late so I'll wait until tomorrow (again) to post about the studio progress. I found this "flower" on a walk aroung the neighborhood with my mom and son. It's sort of a weed/flower, but I really like the gray purples and light greens in it. It had more leaves all up and down the "stem" but I took them all off for the sake of a better pose. It looks sort of Dr. Seusian to me, so I had my husband come up with an appropriate title. : )


Gary said...

Hi Carol - it is rumoured that you used to have written material on selling art (online). Is this still available, how do we get hold of it. Do you think it is applicable for outside of the States ... etc.

Jill Berry said...

Sweet painting, very Suessie indeed.
I would like to come to your San Antonio WS. But have not made any arrangements. That is not plein air, is it? I admire your brushability.

Liz said...

Love the painting, know the flower/weed by sight, and love the name. Had a neighbor who made a Christmas tree angel to top their tree one year. Her husband said it looked more like a floozie than an angel! She gave us her ornaments in her late 80's when she grew tired of XMAS and the floozie still adorns our tree every year.