Monday, April 13, 2009

"Rock's Rock" - SOLD

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After the first painting of the day (see last post) I got a new panel and, still standing on my rock, switched views to something in full sun (so I wouldn't be chasing the dapples). I am quite happy with it even though it is no way a spectacular scene. I got it back to class and one of my fellow kids said "your rock's rock!" Hence the title.


Leslie Saeta said...

What a gift ... you can paint still life's and landscapes perfectly! You rock, my dear!

SC Shisler: said...

Knowing you love to be 'in control' of your still life set-ups, (with all the color choices in the fruits & vegies, fabrics and containers, and the freedom to place things where you choose), it IS interesting to see how you go about these landscapes! One thing that plein air will definitely do for a painter is bring her to her knees! The challenge is worth it. No matter what you paint, you are a star!

JanettMarie said...

This painting does "rock" Carol Marine!


robertsloan2art said...

I like both of these latest small landscapes. You have a distinctive style and it comes through well in landscape work. I'm enjoying this scene, not least because this is one of my favorite subjects.

A lot of times I look at your paintings and study your strokes because I have used round brushes most of my life. I rarely use flats and you do such cool things with strong strokes with flats. It's helped me solve a couple of problems I had in the past to study your work.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

You totally rock! A well balanced little painting.

I, too, have just switched brushes from bristle
flats to synthetic brights and flats. It has completely changed the way my paintings look. After taking the workshop, I am more determined than ever to eliminate fussiness in my working method and create beautiful brush strokes. I don't want to become a "CopyCarol" ;) but the exciting brushwork is where it's at for me.

Jo Castillo said...

Ah, Carol, looks like you had fun being one of the kids! Great work, too.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I saw this in small format on my eBay welcome page and the thing just jumped out at me. REALLY powerful. It seems the smaller the image the more powerfully the composition comes through. Looks HUGE!
Killer composition and balance! Whoa!