Thursday, October 04, 2007

"We All Fall Down" --- SOLD

There's something about the colors in this one that I just love. I usually follow a certain kind of color scheme, and this time I just went with instinct and didn't even check it against the color wheel. I'm not even sure why it works or why I like it so much. Maybe I should do that more often.

I also like the arrangment of the pear peices. I usually try to lay each item down purposefully in a way that I like. This time I just kind of shuffled them randomly until I liked the arrangement. I've always loved that spontanaity and randomness in other people's paintings - maybe this is how they do it too. But then again, and I love/hate this, every time I find a "trick" that works, it never seems to work again! And that's probably what keeps me going every single day - the challenge of it.


Making A Mark said...

I agree - lovely colours - and I think that little patch of lime on the tip of the pear makes all the difference.

Adventures in Daily Painting said...

...Sounds like you followed your intuition with this one. Yes, it can be very freeing. Lovely painting!