Monday, June 11, 2007

"Peach Party" --- SOLD

There were two things that struck me about this arrangement and made me want to paint it: 1. the contrast between the shiny cup and the satin peaches, and 2. the reflected lines on the green cup made by the striped fabric.

I swung back to impressionistic today. Thanks to you all who left comments on yesterday's post saying you understood about my conflict between painting realism and more suggestive painting. It is so good to hear I'm not TOTALLY insane, and that others relate.

Something came to me while I was painting this. Color is relative. You may look at a color in your setup and think "oh that's blue." But sometimes it's only blue in relation to colors right around it. A trick I use is to start with the color right around it and think to myself..."ok that color is MORE blue than this, so I'll add some blue and try it out." Even still, sometimes the real color can be kind of boring so I tend to exaggerate. I have found that if I keep the value accurate, I can experiment more with the color.


Louis Boileau said...

Love it!!

Brendy Vaughn said...

Sooo beautiful! I love the "blocky" treatment of the peaches and the refection in the cup. Awesome.

Chris said...

Hi Carol,

I wish I had a tree that grew $100 dollar bills so I could pick a few and head right over to eBay. I like all of your work, but this one stands out in the crowd. I admire your commitment to painting everyday - it has been a learning experience for me to watch your growth through this blog. I'm also enjoying reading your thoughts and feelings each day, it adds so much to my understanding of your process. And, as someone else said recently, your titles are so much fun! Keep up the good work.

Andrew Neagle said...

I like the way that the fabric lines are not straight and that there are a variety of colour on the fabric itself, helping my eye move around be contained within the painting.
Andrew. N.