Sunday, June 10, 2007

"A Cup Affair" --- SOLD

Sometimes I'm torn between rendering things realistically and getting more impressionistic with my paint. You can see here that I'm leaning towards real today. Maybe it's a mood thing. Or maybe I'm just being lazy. I think I tend towards real most of the time, and have to force myself to impress...errr get crazy with my paint. It takes more of my brain to suggest things, but then I think those are the more successful paintings. That said, once in a while, I like to paint something and have someone say "wow, that looks real." I think that's why I started doing art in the first place - my friends thought it was cool I could draw realistically and I enjoyed the attention. :) My goal is for suggesting things with paint to become second nature, rather than just simply rendering. Anyone else experience this, or is it just me??? Am I making any sense? Now that's the real question. :)


Louis Boileau said...

Hi Carol,
Makes perfect sense to me.

Skeet Sirmons said...

Carol -
This is my first time to leave a comment on your blog so, first I must say what a joy it is to see your wonderful work. I also appreciate the fact that you actually make comments and not just tell me where I can purchase this piece.
I struggle with this same problem with every painting I do. People who view my work are impressed because it is realistic while other artist tell me I paint to tightly. I have the same goal as you when it comes to suggesting things but when I look at what I've done it doesn't seem done or something. I've only been at it for five years so I'm still a painting infant (that's my excuse.)

Todd Bonita said...

I'm enjoying the stories suggested with these paintings...great titles. I see a murder-mystery unfolding involving tea cups and mugs. maybe a broken cup with red tea spilling out of the composition...hmmm.
These are beautifully painted and outstanding compositions.

Andrew Neagle said...
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Andrew Neagle said...

oopps i got rid of my cooment
I know what you mean, I am contantly fighting the smurge, I am always remindinding myself to put that brush stroke down and leave it alone.
I am sure it's a brain thing, the brain loves puzzles and when brush strokes that are blocky are put down the brain goes ooooh what's this, and trys to figure it out, and I often forget to squint thats where the smurge for me starts to creep in on my
painting ; )

Andrew N.

Mike said...

Are you making sense? Heck Yes!! I could write a book about this constant conflict of impression versus real. (just look at my blog!) But, Carol, there is such mastery in your work . . .fresh color, great composition, textures and shapes! Just keep doing what you are doing and get it out for folks to see.


G. L. Everest Fine Art said...

Hi Carol,
Your comments were "spot-on" today. Reading other's comments I'm reluctant to add mine. Don't want to take too much of your time away from your easel. By the way, you have inspired me to open a blog. It needs work, but that will come.
Have a great day at the easel!

Linda Warner Constantino said...

You are definitely making sense! I think, at least for me, painting is an ongoing dance between realism and interpretation. I tell my students to try to paint what you love or what moved you to paint your subject in the first place.
I have no idea when I will paint a painting looser or tighter. It just comes out and I try to go with it.
I strive for what I have called a "relaxed realism."
I think your work has a strong abstract appeal because of your sense of shape and composition. The fact that the objects in your paintings are real allows the viewer to connect more readily. It is a nice balance.
I have said it before, lovely work!

Peter Yesis said...

What a great goal! I think you are saying that it is your goal to create a reality( which you do) and not render one ( which you don't). It's scary when so many artists understand your confusion. Isn't it?
I like the change in format on this one.

Anonymous said...

I understand. I think your paintbrush just wakes up in different moods each day. Let it play with the paint. It is fun to watch.

Kim Edge said...

Hi Carol, I think that your stuff is everything real and impress, because you are a painter and not a photographer, everything will have a touch of how you see it in it, and that's the beauty of all your work.