Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Miranda, Bored


Last night I went to a figure session with my friends Sarah and Gabriella (I posted pics of us on my Facebook page). It was a 3-hr session and about halfway through I completely wiped the face. Our model, Miranda, is very attractive and my first attempt made her look like a monster. I wasn't happy with my second attempt either, until the last 20 minutes, when it all came together. Even though the result still doesn't do Miranda justice, I'm happy with it.


Lee Smith said...

It's beautiful Carol! Your handling of shadows is masterful!

Karl S said...

I like it Carol. you should do more of these.

Teressa Sliger said...

Wow, Carol! What a surprise for me when I received this post. I love it!

Desiree said...

I always find faces the hardest thing in the world to paint or draw. I think yours look fabulous!

Karen Werner said...

This is fantastic. Color, brushwork, values, everything.

Julie Ford Oliver said...

This is wonderful - showing fast confident brush-marks and perfect values. The wipers were obviously an exploration which all came together in this fabulous painting.
Bet your heart felt a surge of pleasure.

Jo Mackenzie said...

This is in response to your Facebook post and the artist block Art Byte...
Neil Young has a concert film out called Prairie Wind. It can be streamed from Netflix. Right before he goes on stage we hear his voice say

I just want to play well
And you know share the stage with my friends.
Give it the best I can
Get in there
Let the muse have us
Give a shot
Send it out.

Then the first number is about an artist painting....Wow..what a great thing to hear.