Tuesday, August 09, 2011

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The painting is from Arizona, painted in Germany, but my body is here in Wisconsin. I'm pretty sure. And my kids seem awful nice but I think they're just buttering me up for something. I'm not sure what. Today they plied me with wine and ice cream, and yesterday it was fudge. They asked me today if I was going to complain about them on my website and I said "surely you jest," but I lie. They're awful. A bunch of complainers. They barely made it through the 10-minute paintings ... maybe it was the push-ups I made them do in between each one. ; )


Kathy Cousart said...

Your posts are getting funnier and that might be due to jet lag but keep 'em coming! Love this truck. Something about big ole trucks just appeals to me- love the tires- you got the warmer shifts in just the right places and I love the variations on reds!
I just know how lucky those workshop "kids" are and having been one, I know how fortunate they are to learn from you!
Push Ups:) haha, good one!

Denise Rose said...

The painting is awesome, as usual, and your sense of humor makes me smile! Hope you keep the kids straight this week!

Robin Weiss said...

Love the trucks Carol!

Virginia Floyd said...

Too funny! I'm looking forward to my next workshop with you in San Antonio. Guess I'd better start practicing my pushups. I don't think i can get my chin off the floor.