Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Three High" - SOLD

Today I started a large painting of these three sunflowers, but in a different light. It started out terrible, and about 4/5th's of the way through I realized that it was going to end terrible. So I wiped it off. I think it's the second time ever I've wiped a large canvas. And it was tough - after 6 hours of work! So I did this small one as an actualy STUDY - go figure - and love it! And of course my sitter can't come anymore this week, and the sunflowers will be droopy by the time I have another full day to paint. Ah, sigh.

Apparently my email fix is not without bugs. Argh! Not to worry - I will prevail ... eventually.


Liza Hirst said...

I love it, too! Beautiful colour combination!

Tricia Butler said...

Love your work (this one is very lovely) and your color combinations. Don't pay any attention to the reader who didn't like your "subdued" palette. To each his own! I think you need a little gray to make the other colors pop anyway! You are getting wonderful "glows" on your paintings.

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