Saturday, July 19, 2008

"Magic Carpet" --- SOLD

This is a tomato from my mother's garden. I picked it myself and got it home before the stem started to dry out, which is quite a change from the tomatoes I get at the store.

Tomorrow I leave for Canada for 2 weeks. I'll have my computer so I'll continue to post. In fact I've just purchased a new backpack that my laptop will fit into. It also comes out easily, which was my main objective. When you go through security anymore at the airport you've got to remove your computer from the case, in addition to taking off shoes, taking out cameras, removing coins, etc. Ugh. It's rather embarrassing to hold up the entire line. :{ Perhaps I should think about slip on shoes ... hmmmm


Christie said...

For sure do the slip on shoes. My best bet are Dansko Professional Clogs. I have taught, stood and painted in them for hours and hours.
Have a great trip...wish I were going to!

Mona said...


I like the orange piece this is sitting on (fabric?)

Have a great stay in Alberta. I've been there, and it
is absolutely beautiful. If at all possible, go
see Lake Louise, and the beautiful chateau next to the lake with fields of poppies! It is gorgeous. Everything in Alberta, is bigger, fresher, cleaner. The farms are HUGE! You'll love it.

Andrew Neagle said...

Welcome to Canada, I hope that you'll have a great stay here. sorry I missed your workshop.

I like the warm reds against the cool blue grey.

Andrew N.
Calgary, Alberta.

David Lobenberg said...

Is that a slice of Velvetta Cheese? I most embarrassingly must admit that I LOVE that cheese! Oh yeah, almost forgot...I love your paintings as well! Thanks for the plug on your blog (say that 3 times fast), and have a great time en plein air up in Canada. Can't wait to see what you bring back. I'd definitely would suggest slip on shoes. Did you know that the word "travel" is a derivative of the word "travail"? And now-a-days, for good reason!

Edward Cooper said...

Hi carol,

Wow I see you have had a plein air explosion! great stuff, still has the look of your work! Im giving Painting a Day another go....but WOW you have kept it going for years now! and still high quality work (it keeps getting better!)

Susan Carlin said...

Have a wonderful time with your back-to-back workshops, Carol!

PAT MEYER -- said...

So clever. I think of the energy and fresh approach you achieve when I go to paint. Thanks for the inspiration.

Van Huss Fine Art said...

Always enjoy your work - such a profusion of ideas! Try LL Bean's slides, they are wonderful and you can wear them all day, every day and forget you have feet!

Annelein said...

Hi Carol, I've been enjoying your daily blog for a while now and that's why I'm awarding your blog the Arte Y Pico award..I was awarded this as well and am passing it along to you. Check out the link on my blog...happy painting.

MARLA said...

Hi Carol,

I just came across your blog and wanted to say how much I love your work. These little paintings are just beautiful--there's so much movement and boldness to them, and the colors are gorgeous!

mike rooney said...

dont sweat holding up the line. with airplane gas prices what they are, the airline wont leave anybody with a ticket behind, LOL
tell everybody to chill!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

What a sparkler. I love the crisp edges on the little 'carpet' which looks like it's about to take off!
Seems like I already made this comment, sort of deja vu.