Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Family Matters" & Canada Workshop --- SOLD


Well, I had quite a time getting here to Canada. My flight was late getting into Dallas and my connecting flight was clear across the airport (the Dallas airport is GIGANTIC!). I ran all the way but still didn't get there in time. The airline couldn't get me on another flight until the next day, so I stayed over in Dallas one night and ended up here yesterday at 4 in the afternoon on my first day of class, quitting time! So I met my class this morning and am going to squeeze a 5-day workshop into 4 days. Below is the view from the dorm room where they put me up. The trees are gorgeous. It gets dark here at 10 pm!!!

This is the huge room where I am teaching. I took this before all the students arrived this morning. We had a great first day and more to come.

And here are a few of the students in action. By the way, the painting above is one I did before I left. I'll post more from here later. Now I need some major sleep, eh?!


Mark Bridges said...

Dang. You were at DFW over night. I would have brought my paints over and got a one day workshop. Wow. The forest comes right up to the windows. I hear the Bears up there love texas BBQ. :) I'm excited to hear about what's going on. Looks like a hugh place. oh,, and it was still only 102 here today.

jilly ballantyne said...

hope you got some good sleep! I took 85 flights last year, so I know that airport sprint feeling, there are two kinds, the adrenalin high when you just make it onto the flight, and the adrenalin crash when they tell you the gate is closed, and nothing you say/do will persuade them otherwise!

"Family Matters' - I love the out of focus in the background look to the vase that throws the blue mug and tomato forward, great composition too.

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Carol, Thanks for "taking" us with you on your trip to Canada. It is always fun to get an insider view. Love the latest post, REALLY shows depth. Carol

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Oh Dear.
You certainly regrouped though. One of the things I like most about going to Canada is how it doesn't get dark until very late.
Wish I were there ;)

Veronica Funk said...

I was a student at Red Deer College many, many years ago and seeing the photos makes me miss the painting studio...I loved the light. I'm still disappointed that I didn't make it into your workshop, but am grateful that you'll be posting about it.