Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Codependent" --- SOLD

I was out all evening with my students and am back with enough time to post just this before I collapse from exhaustion. I did this before I left home - a flower from my garden. It's a very delicate little flower, and was closed up before I finished the painting. I left it in my studio and the next day when I went up it was open again. It opened and closed for a few days and then the pedals fell off right before I left for Canada.

I am having some technical difficulties with my email. I can get it but I can't send it. So if you've sent me something in the last few days and are wondering why I haven't responded ... well, that's why. Please be patient with me.

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Deb said...

I haven't checked in to see what you are up to for awhile. Wow! What a treat! Your landscapes are lovely. They look like you had a lot of fun.
I'm still hauling around my French (full sized) easel, so I'd be of no help to you!