Tuesday, May 27, 2008

brushes, palette and setup

I forgot to post these pictures with my video yesterday. Here are the brushes I used. The two on the right are various sizes of Silver Bristlon brights. I love them. The one on the left - I can't explain how it came to be this shape, but I love it for laying down the ground and sketching in the drawing. I think it used to be a filbert...

Below is a picture of my palette after I was done with the painting. Part of the mixed paint on the palette is from another painting. I tend to work from left to right, and when I fill it up (after a few small paintings or one large one), I scooch the top paper down, scoop up any useable blobs of paint with my palette knife and put them down on the next clean sheet of palette paper. I used my basic colors for this painting: t white, cad yellow lt, cad red med, aliz crimson, ult blue, phthalo blue and burnt umber.

Below is a view into my shadow box. I've used this light setup a lot lately where I have my true "white" light pointing up (so it bounces around the box a bit and "blues" up my shadows) and my "daylight" (more yellow than the other) spotlight directly on my subject.


Suzé said...

Thank you Carol for sharing your setup and video. The video was a wonderful gift! One question, do you use Liquin or another medium so your paintings dry quickly? How long does one have to wait for a painting after they purchase one? Thanks!

VanDerHoekArt said...

I really enjoyed the demo too and seeing your still life setup! Thank you for sharing it!

christine mercer-vernon said...

i love when other artist's share details like these, it's comforting to see the 'behind the scenes' shots, for some reason they are just reassuring that even fab artists like yourself still use the basic supplies, that it's technique and talent not materials that make the artist...i love the worn brush on the left, i have many like that one that are favorites i can't live without.

too funny, maybe i noticed this because my daughter is only 21 months and bottles are still too fresh in my mind...what's in the avent bottle to the left of your palette?

Carol Marine said...

Thanks you guys!!!

Suze- Woops, I answered your question in the comments under the demo video.

Christine- Ha! I used that bottle because it had a great seal with the lid on. I keep my medium in it. : )

Sharon said...

I was unable to get into your course in Red Deer and am really bummed about it. Do you have any information that you would be willing to share about your process, selling on EBay and other handouts that you are giving to your class? (Pretty please??)
I did recommend you to Leading Edge Art Workshops here in Calgary!