Monday, December 03, 2007

"Dappled Silhouette" --- SOLD

First of all I'd like to announce a new website: It's a collection of daily painters, with whom I'm proud to be associated. The website is updated with the latest paintings posted by each of the 12 artists. The site also features artist videos, upcoming workshops, and a daily email signup.

The title for today's painting was a consensus between my 2 stepdaughters, 12 & 16. The fact that they could agree on anything is a new one for me - must be because they haven't seen each other in a few weeks. One's been here while the other one's been with their mother. I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder even when it comes to siblings!

For those interested, the new brush I am trying (I painted this one with just it) is a Silver Bristlon Bright 6. The flats for this brand were a bit long, so I went with a bright because it's about the same length as a flat Monarch, which is what I usually use. I like it. I haven't decided if I like it better than the Monarch's yet - I don't think I do ... but it is cheaper.


Michael Naples said...

I've been using a flat #6 for my last few paintings. It's the only brush I use and I get broad strokes right down to the fine lines. I love it.

Knitting Painter Woman said...

I enjoy when you incorporate personal info and technical tips with your paintings. Stepchildren (and teenagers) have a lot in common with alien beings. AND they can always be surprising. So curb your expectations and hope for the best! I'm looking for brushes in Santa's pack and will make a note of this one.

Tara said...

I *love* those Silver Bristlon brushes!

I buy the flats and cut them with my chop saw!

ming said...

You did a great job of defusing the light from the top to the bottom of the painting, and through the glass.. i'mm going to hop over to the new website now, wish you guys all the best.

Katherine said...

Carol - some of my favourite daily painters get together plus the group's website has a nice look to it = I've signed up for a daily e-mail.! ;)

I'll also highlight it on my blog on Sunday.

Frank Gardner said...

Another beautiful painting Carol. I know what you mean about the longer flats. I like to really scrub on the paint sometimes, so I'll just use the longer ones to block in a few canvases and then it wears right down to the right size. I'll always have a range of new, slightly used, and near worn down brushes so I can chose just the right one for the stroke I need.
Hope that cold is gone.

Ambera said...

I love the way you cut in those negative spaces around your flowers, it gives them so much liveliness and personality, this one is no exception!

Katherine said...

I thought I'd posted but maybe not...?

Anyway, your new website is being featured on my blog today. Well done and good luck to you all.

Tara said...


I somehow missed the part where you said 'bright' vs 'flat'.

How did I get handle length?

Must be the allergy meds. That's it, the allergy meds.

I love it when you tell us why you do something. Please, more!

I'm learning so much from your blog!