Friday, December 14, 2007

"Cherry Pile" --- SOLD

I was on my way to setting up a more complicated still life than this. I had a vase and an apple and it still seemed a bit sparse - so I added some cherries. And I thought they looked so cool with the little bit of white cloth reflecting back up on the edges of the dark red cherries all stacked up and balanced that I zoomed in and cut everything else out.


Carol H. said...

I love the lighting on this one, as well as the rich background color. I'm curious as to how you light your setups--do you rely on artificial light? If so, how do you get a good, white light?

I place most of my setups near a window, but the lighting is very inconsistent (I don't finish a painting in one sitting). But when I try to light it with artificial light, even the daylight bulbs I've tried seem to leave a yellowish cast. How do you get around that?

Elenka said...

I look forward to your paintings everyday!!! I make my husband and son come in and look at them. I paint in watercolors, haven't done oils in a long time. I just love your work. How do you ventilate the room you work in? My biggest concern is the toxicity of the paint...that's what's keeping me from trying them again. I do not have a studio, so I would be working inside my house. Maybe it'll just have to be a summer thing.

Carol Marine said...

Carol H.- I use all artificial light. I bought some very white lights at a lightbulb store years ago. They are "true" daylight bulbs and they cost me about $15/ea. For this painting though I am using a white spotlight that I got from Target. It's more yellow, but I pretend it's white when I can get away with it. : )

Elenka- I have a ventilating system that my husband made for me. The idea is that the fumes and heavy metals from paintings sink. So I have a trough at the bottom of my easel with peg board over the top. The end of the trough is hooked up to a long big hose that runs to the window. In the window is a box with a fan inside that is hooked up to the hose. So when the fan is on it sucks all the fumes from the bottom of my easel out the window. It's great. I know they make filters that look like a round little heater that you put in your studio and it filters out the harmful stuff, in case your husband isn't handy like mine. : )

Ambera said...

fantastic. theres something quiet and confident about this one, i love it.

Paul Ryker said...

Hi Carol -

I just received this painting from my wife as an anniversary gift. I was so surprised, and thrilled. I thought I would write to you and thank you for continuing to paint, and especially these luscious cherries. The piece is even more beautiful in front of me than on the computer screen.


Paul Ryker