Sunday, December 16, 2007

"Little Cakes" --- SOLD

I went on a date last night with my husband. We stopped by Whole Foods to eat and I saw this big display with tons of beautiful little cakes. For some reason I had never seen them before (this is the central WF and BIG), but they called to me and I got these 3 to paint. I did 2 paintings today: a larger one and this one, and these cakes are in both. I couldn't resist. They're so cute. And they tasted good too. : ) By the way, I'm photographing my larger paintings (slowly) and putting them up on my regular website in case you're interested. The latest ones are in the "still life" category.


Making A Mark said...

Looks like you and Justin got the munchies!

Carol - the thumbnail/larger image thing isn't working for me. Do I need to unblock pop-ups?

Making A Mark said...

Sorry - I should have explained - I meant ' the still life gallery on your website'. I want to see those larger paintings!

Deb Kirkeeide said...

I really enjoyed seeing your new large paintings Carol.
Beautiful work!

indiaartist said...

The larger paintings are really beautiful. I especially liked the ones in black and white. How long do you generally take to paint one? I am just curious. Thanks.