Thursday, August 23, 2007

"Colors" --- SOLD

I started twice on this one, wiping off the first attempt. Sometimes wiping can be the best tool towards a good painting. When I start over, I'm usually more open to stepping outside my comfort zone and trying something new. So this time, with the orange specifically, I scrubbed in a middle orange color right off the bat. I went way outside the edges of the orange with the color. Then I came in with the blue around it to define the edges, but only loosely. Then I painted the rest of the orange, and only then finished up with the edges. I'm very happy with the effect.

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Andrew Neagle said...

Hello Carol
I like the idea of painting small on a small painting format. I find that a challenge myself.

I have another painter an English painter who has settled in france, he has a series called "Postcard from Provence," he has painted over 650 small postcard paintings, I thought you might be interested. To get to see the other paintings you have to click on archive.
Andrew N.