Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"Three Oranges" --- SOLD

I've got a new favorite artist. His name is John Michael Carter and I found him somewhat randomly, online. His work is very traditional, and it's not so much the subject matter or the compositions that I am drawn to, but rather just the WAY he paints. It's loose and ... lovely. Some of you who read this blog send me artist links once in a while, and I really appreciate it! Please don't hesitate - I am always interested in seeing new art.


Regula Scheifele said...

Carol - I can safely state that I like all your paintings, though I'm not really drawn to some of the 'darkgreen background' pieces (which is funny since I enjoy painting plein air...).
But I absolutely LOVE the orange-blue combo pieces, and this one is really fabulous! If it was only to study the front orange's shadow it would be worth the painting!

btw: I loved yesterdays piece as well!

Susan Carlin said...

Hi Carol. I'm an artist in San Antonio who watches your work. It's wonderful! FYI- John Michael Carter is giving a three day workshop here in San Antonio at the Coppini Academy -
(look on page 4) in case you're interested. Or email me-
Come down for his demo, anyway...Free! Oct 21st.

Steven P. Goodman said...

I too have been enjoying reading your blog and following your work. One of my favorite artists, who I think you might like, is Stanley Bielen. I don't think he has a website but you can see some of his work at
Thanks for sharing your work,
Steve Goodman

Carol Marine said...

Thanks you guys! spg- I hadn't heard of Stanley Bielen. He does some very interesting work. Thanks for the link!!! -Carol