Saturday, August 25, 2007

"Hint of Lime" --- SOLD

I may have mentioned before that my mom makes wonderful pottery. Well, it suddenly occurred to me that rather than searching the thrift stores and junk shops for less than ideal vases, pots, etc., I could use my mom's studio and make my own. So this weekend, we are in the hill country, visiting my folks, throwing some pots. I've taken several classes, but it was long ago and I'm a little rusty. I'm having a great time though, and will post a picture or two tomorrow. It might take a little while to get these things into my paintings, but I'll point them out when they arrive.


aaronlifferth said...

Hey Carol. I love throwing too. If I had not majored in painting, then ceramics would have been next in line. But I guess we have the best of both worlds since pots make great subject matter. Terrific painting. aaron.

Brendy Vaughn said...

Beautiful. The light blue highlights on the pottery are really nice. And the suggestion of flowers is fantastic. They are so loose and painterly but you can immediately tell what they are.

I have some friends that are potters - they're a great resource. I took several pottery classes in college too but was never too good at it so I don't use my pottery in my paintings!

Dani Brandimarte said...

I think I've loved every painting of yours with that polka dot fabric in it. So keep putting it in them!