Sunday, June 04, 2023

Map Glow


Click Here to Bid - 8x8in. - oil - "Map Glow"

It took me a while to settle back into regular life after 20 days in Europe! I spent the first half in Germany visiting my mother-in-law with my husband. We took a couple of day trips (to Freiberg & Zurich) to collect photos for painting, which you will see eventually.

I spent the second half in Florence, Italy, teaching 12 wonderful human beings about painting people and cityscapes. The weather forecast was dismal, but the reality was better. We managed to get out a few times to collect photos, and sometimes the sun even came out. The food was amazing, and the wine was spectacular. Florence is lovely. But the absolute best part was the people I spent the time with! And the hosts (Debra & Ivano) who made it happen. Thank you!!!

This painting is from Florence. I took a LOT of photos, but I knew this one was special when I took it.

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