Thursday, July 21, 2022

Time for a Swim


Click Here to Bid (6x6in. - oil - starts at $100)

Many thanks to my buddy Paul for the title idea. : )

On a side note - after my recent palette post I got a few comments/questions about gray palettes, and why I don't use one. It is my opinion that the color of one's palette (and most other things in art) are purely a matter of preference. I have used a white palette for many years and am used to it. I have tried gray before (after someone assured me it would help in mixing values) but since I wasn't used to it, I had an extremely hard time adjusting. I'm sure if I had kept on using it, I could have managed, but honestly I happen to like comparing my values to white - it helps especially with lighter values. It seems to me no matter what you use it will help with something, and not help with other things. Just like in life - there is no right or wrong - just consequences.

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