Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Six Cups


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I painted this from a photo because I couldn't turn my head enough yet (after neck surgery). Normally I paint from life, so I was surprised that there were some things I actually preferred about painting from a photo. And also some things I didn't prefer. Here's a short list of the biggest things.

Things I preferred:
1. Taking a bunch of photos and picking my favorite, rather than setting up one thing and painting it.
2. Having the photo on a screen that was a little further away than my setup from life usually is - gave me more perspective.
3. Not having to get my viewfinder back in the same place every time during the drawing phase.

Things I didn't prefer:
1. The photo is a little distorted - not too bad for this one, but there were others I had trouble with.
2. The photo doesn't capture all the colors or values. Darks get darker and the highlights get kind of obliterated.
3. All told it probably took more time, considering all the photo taking, editing and painting.

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