Friday, November 05, 2021

Pick Your Spot


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I've been in a real flow with painting lately. For me a FLOW is when 1. the ideas come easily, 2. painting is fun and I lose all track of time, 3. I (mostly) like the results. And so because it's been good for a while, I've been preparing myself for the inevitable EBB. 

The EBB is when 1. ideas are nonexistent, 2. when I force myself to paint anyway, the process is painful and/or boring, 3. I hate almost everything, even old paintings I liked before.

I find the more I am prepared for it, and the less I resist, the easier it is to get through. Because the ebb is an important part of the process. I liken it to sleep. We have to sleep or we die. As creatives, we cannot create constantly - our fields must lie fallow for a portion of the time. As my good friend Bren said, "Honor the Ebb."

So what do I do during an ebb? I try to keep one foot in the studio (because I never know when the ebb will end and, and I want to be close when it does), but otherwise allow myself to go in whatever direction is calling. Like going for walks, pickleball, crafting, woodworking, etc.

Silly story: my husband calls it "Ed and Flo." So when I'm not painting much I'm, "hanging out with Ed."

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Jo Castillo said...

Carol, you are so right about the EBB or Ed. :-) You are right about staying in the art room or studio and the longer you stay away the harder it is to come back. I waited too long and maybe now I’m having a taste of getting back in the groove. Thanks for your insight. Oh, the painting is fun. The complements pop!