Saturday, March 20, 2021

Orange Offering


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I have a new friend here in Montana who does wonderful work that is very different from mine, Pamela Coughey. You may have seen her videos on Youtube. She talks a lot about "playing," as the first stage of creating, which works very well for her subject matter. I have seen her take a long bendy peice of metal, tie a brush to the end, dip it in ink, and start a painting with the random marks this makes.

We were chatting about all this the other day and I realized that I have a play stage too! When I buy stuff at the store to paint, I bring it home, put it in my shadow box, move it around, cut it up, try out different colors of paper, raise and lower my box, change the light, etc. - essentially "playing" with my stuff until something starts looking good to me. Then I enter the next phase, which requires actual THINKING about how I can "fix" the stuff that isn't working. Ever since I realized this, I've been having more FUN with the play part of the process, and not getting as frustrated if it takes some time for things to come together. For some reason just the word PLAY makes me feel like a kid again!

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