Friday, May 29, 2020

Movie Night

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We took a little break to go camping the last few days. The thing I love the most about this, is that it's like a reset button. Whatever ruts I was getting into, with art or life - however bored I was getting with the routines at home - camping removes me completely from that world for a few days, and when I come back I'm brimming with ideas and enthusiasm. This time one idea was popcorn. Go figure.

We went for a few hikes while we were out. Even though I love the exercise and the smells and just being outside, I feel like primarily I am a hunter. The prize is finding the really lovely scenes. The ones that make you go, "oh wow!" Eventually I will go back out with plein air gear, but until then I'm just collecting pictures and memories. Here are a couple of gems from yesterday. I get more points the harder they were to get to. : )

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