Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Picking Up Lunch

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Here's another oldie that just needed a few tweaks. Also today I went through my "bad" pile - paintings that did NOT work out, regardless of tweaking. I have been keeping them in a cabinet that I generally only open to add another one to the pile, so I mostly don't see them (unless I am moving and need to decide what to do with them). Today I remembered why hiding them is such a good idea. Why? Because seeing each one of them again makes me feel TERRIBLE! And that just makes me more afraid to try things, which is the opposite of what I want if I intend to grow as an artist, which I do.

So be kind to yourself, and clear out the stuff that makes you feel bad. Throw it away, OR, if you plan to save the surface to paint on later, hide them from yourself until then. But also remember, that the "bad" pile is important, because it means you're working and experimenting, and even the professionals do bad paintings on a regular basis! You just don't want to SEE it on a regular basis. Keep painting, and keep looking forward.

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